Airbags/air pillows




Airbags, fillers for blank spaces.
Airbags are one of the best ways to secure items during transport. They perfectly absorb all vibrations, reduce noise and protect goods from abrupt temperature changes. Tight filling of empty space in the package with pillow mats or single pillows, providing effective protection of the items in the package during transport.
Intended use of airbags:
Filling empty spaces in the cardboard box,
Absorption of impacts and shocks,
Absorption of vibrations,
Protection of items in the package from displacement,
Characteristics of the airbag filler:
Designed for multiple use,
Particularly light,
Ensures very effective protection.
Airbags are fillers for packages that weigh almost nothing. This translates directly to the costs of handling and storage. Securing items with airbags does not increase the weight of the package and shipment costs.
From the technical point of view, the airbag is simply polyethylene bags filled with compressed air. They have shock-absorbing properties – therefore, they protect items against the effects of vibrations, shocks and impacts; they are sound-absorbing and to some extent prevent third persons from checking the content of the package “by ear”; They also provide thermal insulation – protect goods against abrupt temperature changes.

Airbags are less prevalent than such package fillers as “chips” or Skropak, however, in many applications they are unrivaled. Ideal for storing light and medium-weight objects; they are irreplaceable, for example during the transport of medical consignments – drugs, drips etc.

In our store, you will find fillers in different sizes and configurations, ranging from small pillows combined in short tapes (few pieces each) on large mats of Airplus series. We also perform unusual orders.