Book-binding adhesives

Universal adhesive CR

Designed for gluing: paper, cardboard, cork, wood, cloth, concrete, aluminum foil in mutual combinations.
Creates a colorless, strong and flexible bond.
The adhesive is ready for use. It is intended to be applied by a brush, putty knife, roller, shield (manually or by machine).
The adhesive should be applied on clean and dry surfaces (double-sided application is beneficial for porous surfaces, such as: concrete, mineral wool, fabric), connect and press the glue from drying out. In many cases it is tolerable to dilute the glue with water, but this adversely affects glue parameters such as: time gripping, vapor transmission and drying time.


Elaster Glue
Designed for bonding calendars, self-multiplying blocks and job works; creates a colorless, smooth, extremely flexible and durable weld.

Specialist adhesives, UV/FOIL

Specialist bookbinding adhesive for bonding surfaces surfaces, the UV Foil/ Varnish, etc. They are characterized by very good adhesion with difficult surfaces and short drying times. The application can be done manually or by machine.
We offer specialist adhesives by German a manufacturer – Fuller