Bubble Wrap



Bubble foil – elastic, transparent material used usually for packing delicate items. Placed in regular intervals, filled in with air (bubbles) assure amortization for valuable or subtle items.
Properties of the foil
– is subject to recycling
– resistant to water and humidity
– after application of additives is antistatic and resistant to UV
– ideal for securing furniture, glass, ceramics, electronic equipment, etc.
– ideally completes free spaces in collective packaging

Types of foil

Two-layer foil is available with weight of and two sizes of air bubble. Basic diameters of a bubble is 10mm x 10mm and 30mm x 10mm. Maximum width of foil is 150cm, a number of current meters on rolls by the request of a client.
Upon the request of the client, also two bubble foils are available in other widths and lengths of rolls and with increased parameters:
antistatic AS foil – secured against collecting static charge on its surface;
foils with UV filter – with increased resistance to activity of atmospheric conditions;
foils with PO anti-slippery additives – facilitating packaging of secured products.