Double-sided self-adhesive tapes

 Non-woven tapes

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Non-woven glue with a rubber adhesive and an adhesive based on acrylic are used for bonding foil, wood, paper, cartons (mainly unvarnished), cardboard, cork, plastics. Also ideal for leatherworking, manufacturing of leather clothes, as a tape under stitches, in computer embroidery for fixing fabric while processing.

Tapes with an acrylic adhesive resistant to high temperatures (180-200°C), characterized by a high initial adhesion, are used by paper mills and roller printers to connect paper ribbons, foils, laminates, etc.

Double-sided adhesive tapes of PP foil

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PP foil tapes with a rubber adhesive are used to connect paper, cardboard, foil, felt, plastic and other materials, wherever there is the requirement for resistance to temperature, UV rays, moisture, and aging.
Tape with a modified acrylic adhesive has a high initial bonding strength, is resistant to plasticizers and temperatures up to 100 ° C. Used for connecting paper, metal, foil, grinding wheels and assembling of plastic parts.
Foil tapes, thanks to their stability of the media, are ideally suited to execute the pattern.

• PVC and PET film tapes

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Tapes of transparent polyester film and white PVC film with an adhesive used to attach plastic components min. ABS, PVC, plexiglass, metal, rubber, EPDM, papers and cardboard boxes painted, coated etc. are used in the furniture industry, advertising, printing industry, in the manufacture of shutters. They are characterized by high initial forces, very good resistance to moisture, UVA, UVB rays, weathering and chemicals. The tape with different bonding forces on both sides is used for temporary fixing of elements, for example leaflets. Wherever it is required to the tape without leaving traces.


• Double-sided tape of adhesive foam

Double-sided foam tape is used for connecting elements of uneven surface as it is very efficient at leveling irregularities and it ensures very durable effect. The basis for this tape is a flexible polyethylene foam. A characteristic feature of this double-sided foam tape is its resistance to high temperatures, moisture and UV radiation. This adhesive tape is available in various thicknesses, densities, sizes and colors. This double-sided foam tape may be used to connect elements of plexiglass and PVC with other materials, like glass or steel. The tapes in offer are widely used in the construction industry or the automotive industry, and can be used