Glue Dots

Glue Dots

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Self-adhesive dots of glue on a roll, available in the form of round dots with varied diameter and glue belts with different sizes. All products are offered in a few types of powers of glue. They are applied by means of manual or automatic applicators available.


combining products
promotional sets
addressing envelopes
production of books
production of packaging
inserts, inserts for magazines, newspapers, etc.
gluing samples of goods, gadgets
gluing CD, DVD, Blu-Ray tapes
gluing discount tapes, etc.
attaching payment, membership cards, etc.
attaching products in packaging
closing packages
gluing windows in boxes


Easy and clean gluing
Immediate combining
Free of smell and free of color
100% usage of glue
There is no need for machines
Cleanliness in usage and on a job post
No smoke, vapor, smells
There is no fattening of materials
No fire threat
Savings of gluing material
Possibility to glue without the necessity to use expensive application devices
Technologically attractive alternative for hot and cold glues and for silicone
Allowed for indirect contact with food
(by FDA175.105
Consistence of the product:
RoHS 2002/95/EG
PFOS 2006/122/EG

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