One-sided self-adhesive stickers/adhesive

stickery 1 st. klejące z perforacją.


One-sided adhesive pattern is used for closing packages, CD dust jackets, Digipacks, connection of promotional set of food products, cosmetics, household chemistry
Offered in the form of circles covered with one-sided adhesive with double gluing strength which should be adjusted to the bonding of selected products.
There is the possibility of perforation through the circles, which makes it easier to open the glued element without destroying the packaging, by pulling the sticker.

Also used to secure, seal the content of packaging.
We also offer manual and automatic dispensers.
Circles come in different diameters: 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm

one-sided adhesive stickers with perforation

Sticker void

one-sided adhesive stickers