Polyethylene foam


Polyethylene foam is a perfect solution for surfaces which need special protection. Its great advantage is that it consists of many closed cells, ensuring optimum protection against scratches on the surface of the product. The material is resistant to abrasion and it protects delicate surfaces. The foam is uniquely light, flexible and easy in use. It is resistant to moisture, chemically neutral, there is no risk of reacting with packaged products.
The polyethylene foam sold by our company is perfectly suited for securing furniture and wooden items, automotive parts, consumer electronics and household appliances, glass and ceramics and many other items. It is used in many areas of the widely considered construction industry. Thanks to its closed structure, polyethylene foam works perfectly both as a thermal-acoustic insulation of ceilings laid for floating floors, as well as under the floor panels. We offer polyethylene foam products in different colors, in a hardly inflammatory version and with other special properties. Products’ surface may also be covered with different kinds of films, for example HDPE, LDPE. It is produced in the form of mats on rollers or packed in bags or forms.