Self-adhesive velcro

Velcro in the form of a tape


With and without a thermally activated adhesive – so that it can be welded with the material, rather than stitched with it. A normal drier may be used for welding. Intended use: similar to the velcro tape without an adhesive. The connection is resistant to heating and laundering.

Velcro in the form of stamped products

Self-adhesive circles and other shapes are used primarily in the printing and advertising industry. Used for the production of briefcases, closed folders, presenters, etc. Significantly facilitates work thanks to the simple application. Thanks to their high quality, they guarantee sturdy, long-lasting and aesthetic closing of the finished product. Warranty for 11 000 opened/closed cycles.

Velcro without an adhesive

used in the clothing industry (jackets, vests, coveralls, gloves, etc. – also available in a hardly inflammable version – for use in firefighting and metallurgy overalls and boots, as well as in elements of uniforms). Used in tents, sleeping bags, cases, backpacks, bags, etc.). Also to connect e.g. cable bundles. Thanks to the guaranteed durability of opened/closed 10 000 cycles – ensures durable, strong fastening.